Advice to Newbies


Advice to those new to Witchcraft

So you want to be a witch? Maybe you already are a witch? Our path fascinates and intrigues you? For whatever reason, you've come to visit my page. Here you will get honest information from a real witch. I promise I will try my best to explain things in plain English so it’s easier for you to understand. But be warned... before entering the path of a witch, it is a life long journey and every corner you turn there is new magic to be learned. You never stop learning, its a life time of dedication and practice, improving yourself and your path. Did you notice I said Your path? yes that's right... it will be your path, it will be unique to you, your magic, like your fingerprint,  will be yours alone. What works for me may  not work for you. But not to worry,  I'm here to help and guide you. Ok, lets get something straight... we are not what you see on tv programs!! we are normal (yes I said normal) men and women. You could stand next to me in a queue and not know I was  a Witch. But, if you looked into my eyes you would see a certain sparkle,  and know there was something different about me. People from all walks of life embark on a path of magic and witchcraft, with this art there are no barriers and anyone curious enough to delve can become a Witch. But ultimately you decide what being a Witch means to you. Magic has no colour, it is every shade... there is no white witch or dark witch. Magic can be used for harm or to heal. It is in the hands of the Witch which casts. You will make mistakes at first but mostly that would be that your magic didn't work, however there’s no need to worry about this.

You don't have to dress a certain way to be a Witch. You don't have to have tattoos or dye your hair bright green and wear black lipstick (but that would look cool) No, you can just be you. 

A Witch should always pay attention to the Moon and her phases as lunar energies have an affect on all things, the emotions of humans, animals, plants, and the worlds oceans, moods, and energy levels are influenced by the waxing and waning of the Moon. You will learn and gather information which will make your magic specific for you. You will become adept at recognising plants in your area which will help you. The responsible witch learns how to control and bend energy to their will. The Witch becomes a vessel for said energy, this brings spiritual enlightenment and to be honest, it feels amazing. Witchcraft is a journey of discovery that offers surprises around every corner. As for a Witches tools and all the stuff you will use, don’t worry about it too much to start with... eventually you will collect an array  of different items ,cloaks (maybe) wand, cauldron (I have many) chalice (ritual cup), altar cloths. Etc etc. I will get into all that in later articles. My advice to you to begin your journey would be to get a book of shadows or grimoir. You can start with a plain note book to make notes of moon phases, spells you try and quotes that speak to you, or use as a journal..... Don't worry that it may not fit the big leather bound book you have been told you may need... that can come later on if you want it to. My site will have all the information you will need in one place. Pages on crystals, their properties and uses, herbs and their uses, step by step guides to building your altar and incorporating witchcraft into your daily life. Spell casting, divination, tarot cards and oracle cards, sabbatts, the wheel of the year, moon phases and more. Those who know me know I am 100% trustworthy... I would never give incorrect information or useless facts. I will write articles regularly which will help you on this magical journey.  Just remember, anyone can say that they are a Witch, but to be a Witch is to have honour, strength, morals and a sense of responsibility. I am here to guide you, but not force you, to practice. Also I will not tell you that my way is the only way. There are many things that you can change and personalise once you have the knowledge. We have a lot of different labels but at the end of the day we are all Witches and it is our responsibility to set a good example to those starting out on their journeys, and to those who have no idea what we do or believe. Until next time  blessed be  Moonstone