Be Careful

Be Careful in our community

So over the last few days this has been at the fore front of my mind.

 I originally started a group on Facebook so there was a safe place for us to gather and for newbies to feel safe. This led me to start The Celtic Witch page because I felt that people needed to be educated that we, as witches, are accessible. We are normal mothers, fathers, friends and families.

 I believe we are all equal which I know upsets some in our community but that's my view. You see, I know we have some fantastic elders, High Priestesses etc, but some of these self proclaimed experts are not what they say they are. They read one book and suddenly they know it all! We never stop learning on this path, Ever, and if someone tells you that they know it all please proceed with caution.

So if you are new to the community where do you start? 

First and foremost, please trust your instincts... look for someone who has history, did they just pop up or have they been around a while? Is there a public page you can follow? Are they the sort of witch you aspire to be? or are they accessible? Always be wary of parting with large amounts of money for “witch courses” I’m not saying that these are all wrong, but do your research! Like I said.. it’s up to you, there are no written rules on our path which is why it can be dangerous. Do not give out personal information, be careful of people who are led by ego and not spirit. I am the sort of witch who has trouble actually telling people my achievements! I guess its a lack of confidence because I don't like to come across as bragging.

My path is spiritual, I will lift you when you are weary, I will help and guide you to be the best witch you can be. I am knowledgeable in a number of subjects but, if I don't know something, I will forward you to the right information or expert.

What makes a good witch?

To me it’s someone who speaks from their heart and who will support you through life's trials and tribulations. It’s someone who walks with The Goddess 24/7. It’s someone who can predict the future and bend energy to cast spells in all situations. Someone who you wouldn't mind sitting down with a cup of camomile tea and having a good old chin wag with.

I aspire to be that witch, I will be being led by spirit until I'm told to change direction by My Goddess.