Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is the birth stone of Aries. It is known as the master healer, which helps amplify other crystals around it. Clear quartz neutralizes negative energy and transforms it to positive. It balances your mind, body and soul. It acts as a deep soul cleanser and enhances psychic abilities.

 It stimulates healing of all organs on all levels. It helps with your studies and unlocks memory which helps with past life regression work. It harmonizes all your chakras and brings them into balance.

Clear quartz is quite the magical crystal and from the list above you can see why its called the master healer. Hold a clear quartz in the palm of your hands to aid you in your meditation. It helps you connect to your higher self. It's the mother of all crystals and can be used to replace any crystal you may not own to aid you in your magical work, rituals and spells.


From ancient times to the present day, quartz crystals have been a source of Light to mankind. It questions where technology would be with out it. Even the smallest of clear quartz still holds all the power you need in what ever workings you are doing.

Clear quartz helps your connection to your spirit guides and amplifies your magical energy.   Quartz can amplify both positive thoughts and energy and can stimulate positive action.  It can be held or worn to promote clarity of thought and to help you to see your way more clearly. 


Quartz is said to help you release any negative energy you may have absorbed from other people and to help you  fight feelings of self doubt and a lack of self confidence. 

Use a clear quartz in healing spells, carry for protection or give as a gift of friendship... 

This master healer is a definite for everyone to own. It’s not expensive and another must for basics and advanced energy work.

love and light