Contacting your Spirit Guides


Spirit Guides can appear in many different forms... they can look human-like or they can look like a ball of light.

In some ways, the spiritual world is similar to the physical world. Here, there are some people that have your best interests at heart, and there are some who don’t. It is the same in the spiritual world. You need to figure out which spiritual beings you want to form relationships with.

You may be working with your spirit guide for the first time in this lifetime, or they may be from other lifetimes.

 Sometimes, they can be a deceased relative, but they are not from this lifetime... As long as they are caring and respectful, they can be suitable spirit guides, but, your spirit guide cannot be a deceased relative ‘that you knew’ in this lifetime… However, if you have a child born AFTER this relative passed over, this child CAN have the deceased relative as a spirit guide…

While spirit guides are always there for us, few people make the time to become aware of their presence. Meditation is the best way to contact your spirit guide. Here is an easy meditation to contact YOUR spirit guide. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first time, it may take a few times before you make contact, just keep trying, and you will make contact….

Getting Focused:

Find a quiet, comfortable place for yourself, where you will not be disturbed. Create a quiet, safe, sacred space or circle. Maybe place a sacred object in sight. Then light a candle and/or incense; even play some gentle soothing music in the background, if this is right for you.

Relax. Start at the top of your head and work all the way to your toes.  Breathe fully and perhaps do some light stretching. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and focus your attention inward.

Now it’s time to contact your Spirit Guide:

Sit quietly, if you have a sacred space you go to when you meditate, go there now.  If not, find a place to go to where you feel safe, warm, loved, and comfortable. The ocean, forest, a cave etc., mentally go there now. Leaving your mind blank, take 3 or 4 deep breaths, slowly. With each one, call your spirit guide to you. Then sit quietly and wait. Soon, you will feel a presence. Let them come to you. You will feel energy either on your left (female) or right (male) side. Start to open up your awareness of their presence. You may see them, feel their presence, hear them communicating, or somehow just know they are there. Say "hello" to your spirit guide, and wait for the “hello” back…communication has begun…. Ask if they have a message for you, and just wait and listen and enjoy their presence. After a while, thank them for coming, then bid them Hail and Farewell. Take 3 – deep cleansing breaths and then open your eyes. Welcome back to the world. 

If you don’t make contact first time, don’t worry... keep trying!

Take some time after this to go over your visit with your spirit guide. Write the experience in your Journal if you have one (if you don’t…. start one). Keep up the visits and get to know your spirit guide well. They will teach you and are with you for the whole of your life.