Cystals to Help you Sleep


We have all been there... we just cant sleep! Whether its your mind wont shut off, or you just can’t catch it. You have drunk your camomile tea, even had a relaxing bath but no you still can’t sleep. Everything from stress about financial issues, to health problems and even breakups can cause us to lay in bed thinking for far longer than we’d like. To settle the mind, we have to relax... And to relax, we need to heal our energy. Medications may bring the sleep, but they won’t help you to recharge the spirit and dissolve the issue that’s keeping you awake at night.

So what next? Crystals... Yep they can even help you sleep! So what crystals will help ? 

Selenite should be your number one go to for insomnia. Not only does it look like our beautiful moon buts its energy will, and can, relax you with the added bonus of it cleansing your aura. It programs your energy to have a restful night sleep.


Amethyst... Try placing the crystal underneath your pillow before you go to bed, and keep a dream journal each night to see where your mind goes in your dreams. It also protects against nightmares. So if your child is having night terrors an amethyst cluster in your child’s room will help the energy to remain calm.

Jade is a physically and mentally relaxing stone, and provides a soothing vibration and sense of well being to the entire body... especially when there have been health concerns. Wearing jade as necklace or pendant for a few hours before resting will promote relaxation.

Solidite is a crystal of peace that helps to reduce mental chatter and confusion. Put the crystal under your feet to calm your whole body. Place the crystals around your head or in your pillow at night to promote mental relaxation.


Haematite is physically and mentally calming.

Moonstone  is a very old remedy for calming the emotional distress that activates insomnia. It helps to reduce emotional tension. It will help you relax and have a better quality of sleep.

Remember that you can wear the said crystals or pop them under your pillow. Make sure you cleanse them regularly. I use Reiki, which penetrates the crystals, or any other item, with wonderful higher level vibrational energy. Being a reiki master, I like to incorporate the use of setting the crystal with the highest intention for their healing purpose.