You either see weeds or you see wishes, but there are so many useful correspondences for this common everyday weed. Despite its low status label of a weed, dandelions are a bright and cheerful sign that winter is over and spring is here! It is one of the earliest sources of pollen for honeybees, Which is why I never pull them up much to the annoyance of my husband! 

The dandelion is masculine and connected to the planet Jupiter. The Goddess associated with the plant is Brigid or Hecate. A tea of the flowers and leaves may be drunk to increase psychic ability while pouring boiling water over a bowlful of roots will aid in calling spirits.

How many of you as children picked a dandelion and blew the seeds while making a wish? I know I did, but my nana would tell me stop spreading them.

Dandelion is most often used as a diuretic which is wonderful for water retention. It’s also great for cleansing your kidneys and liver. Dandelion flowers can be used in salads, to make jelly, wine and punch. Make sure you just use the yellow flower bits as the green bits are bitter. 

The dandelion has a number of medicinal properties. The sap from the stems can be used to cure warts, split the stem and place the sap onto said wart.

Use them in sun magic by using the beautiful yellow flowers on your altar. Use in wish spells also.  Press them between the pages of your book of shadows to also represent the sun. Use them in herbal  bags for confidence, bravery or courage. The word “Dandelion” comes from the French word dent-de-lion, meaning “tooth of lion.” 

Dandelions brighten any springtime altar, but especially Beltane!  Put them in a vase with fresh rainwater to represent the season. Wear them in your hair to bring sun energy and bravery. 

Did you know that you can eat a few dandelion heads to cure a headache ?

Dandelion can be used to treat cancers and can help prevent breast cancer and chronic illnesses. So its a definite witchy weed to keep in your stock.