Desert Rose


Desert rose is a lovely gentle stone, known for its healing qualities of friendship, love and harmony in all relationships. You should definitely place this crystal in your bedroom because it brings a lovely vibration of warmth. This stone brings about motivation and initiative to make ones goals come true. Like the flower which grows and blooms so will your dreams.

 It’s perfect for magical works on bringing your wishes into fruition .

These stones are said to be strong activators of the third eye, assisting in bringing clairvoyant skills to the fore and strengthening ones natural intuition. So place with your tarot deck or crystal ball. 


The desert rose helps with chronic fatigue and addictions, so would be wonderful to have by the sick bed, or to carry, if you are trying to give up something which does not serve you anymore. Using this stone long term can actually bring your energy and aura into harmony. 

Desert rose also helps with understanding that addiction is a symptom rather than a disease.

It can help bring out one’s full potential, in both adults and children. Shy children can benefit from this particular stone as it helps them overcome their shyness and use their talents to enable them to shine. It is especially perfect if your child suffers from Asperger's and/or autism. 

Desert rose helps people with anxiety and depression. It is also a great crystal to use in animal healing. Carry a desert rose if you suffer from panic attacks. 


Desert rose helps you connect with the angels or deity's of your choice. It’s also wonderful to use in past life regressions. Additionally, those who work with Magic can also use Desert Rose Crystals to amplify any Fire Element related spells and so is perfect for the fire witch such as myself. Despite its rose petals appearance it will help you stand your ground especially in bullying situations. 

The Desert rose is also known as the sand rose, selenite rose and gypsum rose. It’s found in dry desert regions and it’s said to have its own guardian so always treat it with respect. Finally you can use Desert rose for protection.