Walking my Path

Easy Daily Cleansing

So the air feels heavy, family been sick, or a run of bad luck? A cleansing is in order, but to keep a positive home, office or even car should not be left until it feels like it needs it. Keeping on top of the energy which is around you can be quite simple to be honest. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into cleansing regularly to keep a happy space.

  1. Use salt water... place three table spoons of salt (sea salt is best) into a litre of water and spray around your home, you could even wash down your doors and mirrors.
  2. Use a sage bundle and walk clockwise around your home. Make sure you get into the corners and open up cupboards.
  3. Use Palo Santo, light this mystical wood and walk around, like with sage, in a clockwise direction.
  4. Herbal mixtures... bring to the boil rosemary, sage leaves and Thyme. Let the mixture cool then walk around your property sprinkling this magical infusion. As you do, You could even wash down your front doors with this mixture.

If you want to live life in the highest vibrations, you need to learn how to remove negative toxic energies. Frankincense is a wonder resin to use on a charcoal block (it smells divine) It only takes 5 to 10 minutes a week to transform your energy and the energy of your home.You can then bring crystals to amplify the energy. Place Selenite to your window sills, raising the vibration to the highest level. Ensure they don’t get wet as it damages them. You can also use bells, ring three times in every corner of every room of your home... under beds and inside wardrobes etc. You could even pour salt into the four corners of rooms... leave for 48 hours which will give it chance to absorb the negative energy, or sickness away from you and your family. Do not forget to open all windows when you cleanse to help the negative energy escape. Not forgetting the good old fashioned besom (broom)... keep a special one just for magical work. Fresh flowers are also a must have for any room, living plants also help raise the vibrations. Also you can use candles to remove negative energy. White candles have been used for centuries to remove toxic vibes from any space (never leave the candle unattended). Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy (place a piece in each corner to create a shield to prevent negative energy from entering your space)Himalayan Salt Lamps... these help to combat static energy, help you breath easier and keep the energy on a high vibration. They also help purify the air making them great for those with allergies.Amethyst is also a wonderful, gentle but powerful crystal. It actually works as a natural filtration system that's absorbs the negativity and transforms it into vibrations of harmony and love. I hope this helps you and gives you easy options of cleansing your home. BlessingsMoonstone