Freezer Spell

To stop gossip and shut up haters

We have all been the victim of someone's gossip. Especially on social media... People seem to think that your business is theirs. So you want a easy magical way of shutting them up?? Then here is your spell. There could be many reasons you would want to use this type of spell:

  • Court cases and legal investigators.
  • Nosy in-laws.
  • A cheating spouse.
  • Rival business competitors.
  • Jealous ex
  • against lower level souls

Here is a spell for “freezing out” and getting rid of people, situations, and whatever else you don’t want to have in your life anymore. Just be sure that you really don't  want whatever it is that you put into this spell because it really does work....

.Items Needed:  A piece of Paper With The Person's Name Written on it, Ice Cube Tray  

Fix a paper with the person's name. Fold it away from you as small as you can possibly fold it. Make sure to turn it counter-clockwise between each fold. Take this fixed paper and drop it into an empty ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and stick it in your freezer. Avoid using that tray of ice cubes until the threat has passed.


Persons name on a piece of paper written in black ink.. plastic sandwich bag.. chilli powder.. sea salt

 Pop the paper in the bag add chilli powder and sea salt. Then fill bag full of water ,tie the bag and place at the back of your freezer.


Persons name on a piece of paper.. small glass jar.. garlic cloves.. vinegar.. 

Smash the garlic cloves up whist thinking of said target. Place in the jar fold the paper away from you and place in the jar. Then fill the jar with vinegar and water 50/50then pop on the top and place at the back of your freezer.

Ok, so don’t try this spell on someone you’d like to reconcile with, because they will literally be iced out of your life. Use this spell only against people who are harming you, so that they will be frozen out of your world for good. This spell is some serious defensive magic and, like most spells, should not be undertaken lightly.