Lavender is a beautiful aromatic plant which a lot of us witches use in our magical practices daily. It's easy to grow and easy to purchase. Whether it's the plant or the oil there are many uses for you to bring this magical plant into your practice.

Lavender is a masculine plant which is connected to the planet mercury and star sign Virgo. It may be used as an asperging herb (to sprinkle water for purification purposes) and dried lavender sticks or wands can be burnt like incense. The aroma of Lavender can be used  to relax and recharge. It's useful in spells which are for healing and fertility.

Lavender helps fight against fleas and moths and it was normal to see sachets of dried lavender in our grandmothers wardrobes and draws. I myself remember at a very early age asking my nana if I could have the herbal pouches to take home. She always said no, but would make me my own. She would make lavender water to use in her beauty regime and the smell sometimes reminds me of her to this day.

 Perhaps  this is why I have such a strong link to the plant. I myself do the same and so does my mother.

The scent of lavender is both relaxing and up lifting at once, this makes it wonderful to use in aromatherapy. It helps if you feel anxious or depressed, use in your bath water to help you feel better. You can also use in a massage oil at the end of the day to help you sleep. 

Stuffing a lavender pillow can help you ease a headache. 

It is thrown onto the Midsummer fires by Witches as a sacrifice to the ancient gods. Which is a lovely substitute don't you think?

To bring love your way, carry lavender flowers in a sachet on your person, or hang stalks of it in your home. Use in love spells to attract a sexual partner.

 Lavender can heighten your psychic senses which would be perfect to incorporate into preparation before doing tarot cards or other psychic readings. 

Witchy tip... use with an amethyst crystal in a magical pouch to help fight depression and anxiety in your day to day life.