Sometimes known as Devils Claw

The stinging nettle can be found in many places around the world. In the English countryside we seem to be abundant with them. They  can grow several feet tall and inject harmful chemicals into the skin when touched, to bring a nasty reaction.  Stinging nettles play a important role in helping moths, butterflies and lava.

Nettle leaves produce a green dye which was used in war time Europe the make camouflage, and is used to this day. Stinging nettles were widely used as a food supply when crops were poor. It was used to help calves, and animals lactating. It was a very important weed used in old English folk lore for this reason. 

Please make sure you wear long sleeves, trousers and gloves when harvesting. Cooking will destroy the sting, so will drying them. Nettle is male in action and associated with the sign of Scorpio (some say Aries) and the planet Mars and element of Fire. 

Nettle is a fantastic protection herb to carry in protection bags or to have around your property. I'm quite lucky to have nettles, holly and hawthorn surrounding the perimeter of my property, its like the Goddess is helping protect me always.

You can burn nettle, when dried, to rid your space from negative spirits. It can also be ground up and sprinkled around your altar or home to keep out negative energies.

Also Nettle can be used to break curses.

Herbally its wonderful to be drunk in hot steaming water to cleanse your body.

Do not attempt to eat nettles without them being cooked first.

Nettle is a fantastic plant to be used with graveyard dirt for ultra protection, just make sure when you collect the dirt you know who's grave its coming from and leave an offering of thanks after. It is also wise to ask permission from the grave also.

Dried nettle is also good to carry when you need courage. Place a bundle of nettles by a sick persons bed to help them heal. You can add nettle to your witches bottles and is a must for a witch to have supplies from, who knew it had so many attributes ?