Prosperity Pouch

This is a small easy spell bag to bring prosperity into your life if you are struggling.

Items needed;

 1 green pouch, 1 acorn, 1 small magnet, 3 pinches each of basil, cinnamon and mint, A penny, A 2 pence piece, A 5 pence piece, A 10 pence piece, (if you’re not in the UK then use the lowest value 4 coins of your currency) 1 adventurine crystal.

Place everything in the pouch, shake and chant;

"Lord and Lady of prosperity, Bless this Charm with sincerity.

Success to me it will bring, whether it be food, money or anything.

Bless the ingredients in this charm, that nothing in it will bring any harm.

This Charm is blessed and fully charged, so shall it be done, so shall it be so.

This spell has been spun and has now begun.

So mote it be"

Once this is done you can either hang it somewhere in your home, or carry in in your bag/pocket. It can be renewed after 6 months if needed.