Protection for Empaths


So you believe you are an empath, now how do you protect yourself from the daily onslaught of emotions?

Meditation... especially first thing in the morning when you wake up. It starts the day on a positive vibration and gives you the chance to visualize a white bubble around you. You wouldn't leave your house open to strangers, so why leave your energy open?

Protection chant or mantra... if you don't have time for meditation, say out loud three times

“I am protected in a bright white energy, no one can penetrate it.”

Protect your solar plexus, which is situated three fingers above your belly button. Imagine  a shield of mirrors facing outwards.

Imagine a bright blue shield around your body, above, below and on all sides.

Wear a haematite crystal, either on a necklace, chipstone bracelet or carry a piece on your person. but ensure you cleanse it every night! 

Draw protection symbols on your body with oil or body lotion.

Wear a evil eye pendant. 

Wear mirrored jewellery. 

Make a talisman for protection. 

Carry a protection mojo bag or herbal bag.

Ask your deity for protection.

Ask your spirit guides for protection. 

Ask the angels for protection.

Lastly, if possible, avoid areas where you know you are going to struggle until you feel strong enough to handle it.

I'm sure you can work with these tips to reduce the stresses of  being empathic...

and remember... you are allowed to say NO!