Spell for Abundance

Spell Name: A Wishing Spell for Financial Help

Purpose: To Wish for something you want or need.

Items Needed: 

Parchment Paper to write your wish on 

A Candle whatever colour your wish is for. For my wish the candle will be green

Your Quill Pen, Mine will be green, you can have whatever colour you want for your wish.

So, a waxing Moon (To gain some Financial Wealth) would be a good time to do this.

Preparation/Setup: Have your Parchment Paper, pen, and Candle sitting on your altar.


       A Wish for me, A wish times three,

        I cast this spell for me to see.

        As a simple candle light does shine,

        I wish this wish to be mine.

        So Shall it be Done, 

        So mote it be.

Additional Information: Now, while chanting this spell 3 times, write out your wish or wishes on the parchment paper, then fold it up three times and place it under your burning candle. Let your candle burn for at least 3 hrs before snuffing it out.

Continue doing this for 3 consecutive days.

On the last day, Take your paper and the remainder of the candle and bury it in the ground,,while giving thanks to the Goddess.