Thyme is a member of the mint family and can be found in most English witches herb selection. It was thought that women who wore thyme in her hair would attract a mate and were more attractive. 

Thyme is a Mediterranean native, spread throughout Europe by the Romans, who would bathe in the water of thyme to increase bravery and strength. Medieval ladies would pop a sprig of thyme in the knights helmet to keep them safe and aid their bravery. 

In Scotland they brewed tea to encourage bravery and keep away nightmares.

If you suffer from nightmares, pop a sprig of thyme under your pillow. You can also make an Anti-monster spray for your child by steeping thyme in spring water and popping it into a spray bottle, spray around the bed and it will help magically and reassure your child.


Thyme has been used all over the world, Egyptians placed it into the coffins of the deceased to help the soul have a safe passage to the next world.

Thyme is feminine in nature, connected to the planet Venus. It is linked to the Goddess Freya and is used in spells to help with courage. Thyme can also used to keep you positive and used in spells to promote positivity, especially if you have been going through a negative time. 

Faeries love thyme. It’s addition to your garden will attract them. It can also be used in spells to communicate with faeries. 

Burn thyme incense or dried thyme to cleanse your home from negativity and illness.

A strong infusion of thyme makes a great hair rinse for dark hair and also repels head lice. 

Thyme can also be added to massage oils and bath oils for the treatment of rheumatism and general aches and pains. These oils can also be used for colds and lung complaints.

You can drink two cups of thyme tea a day to help digestion... it isn't advised. to drink more than two.

Use Thyme in a oil burner to increase psychic powers and open your third eye. 

Wear a sprig of thyme to help heal you from grief... and lastly add thyme into your bath to bring abundance.