Warning Spell

This spell can be used when you have been the victim of ill wishes and gossip.

Light a black candle, 

Carve a pentagram into the candle. Then use Patchouli to anoint in a anti clockwise motion. 

Then set the candle onto your altar and light it. 

Chant three times -

What goes around comes around!   Choose your poison well....  

No harm can ever come to me,

No one can break this spell. 

So before you bring me sorrow and before you bring me hate  

Realise the choice you make will bring your own fate.  

I have the right to take this stand 

With Morrigan tightly holding my hand  

This witch will always fight  

When she knows she’s in the right.   

So stand with us inside the light  

Lower vibrations disappear into the night  

So shall it be 

Keep the candle burning in a safe place ..... 

If you would rather, buy small spell candles.

do not blow it out..... always snuff.