Weekly Correspondance


Every day of the week, Sunday through Saturday, is a magical day. Each of the seven days of the week has its own magical correspondences. Colours, crystals, herbs and deities all have specific days associated with them. The trick is finding a way to apply these correspondences into your magical practices.

 It may all seem a little over whelming at the beginning of your path, but you will soon get used to the basics which I will explore today. 

Magic doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. The most powerful works of magic are those that are simple, practical, and come from the heart. Don't get me wrong when you are further down your path you can use advanced correspondence to enhance your spell or ritual. But at the beginning, keep it simple.

Each day of the week has specific tarot, crystals, herbs etc. This means they work well  together, in harmony with one another. Correspondences are simpler than you might imagine and using them in your practice will and can give you the extra boost you may need for the desired results. Using the different correspondence in your practice will shape your path to make it personal to you. Below is a simple list for you to make notes with to help your magical practice.


Day. Planet. Colours. Deities. Intent




Silver, white, blue

Diana, Artemis, Selene, Luna

Women’s Mysteries, illusion, glamour, sleep, peace, beauty, prophesy, dreams, emotion, travel, fertility, insight, wisdom




Red, Black, Orange

Mars, Aries, Tiwaz

Courage, victory, success, strength, conviction, rebellion, defence, wards, protection




Purple, Orange

Mercury, Hermes, Woden

Communication, the arts, change, transportation, luck, gambling, fortune, chance, creativity




Blue, Purple, Green

Thor, Jupiter, Juno

Abundance, protection, prosperity, Strength, wealth, healing 




Pink, Aqua

Venus, Aphrodite, Freya

Love, birth, fertility, romance, gentleness, pregnancy, friendship, passion




Black, Purple

Saturn, Hecate

Banishing, Protection, wisdom, Spirituality, Cleansing




Gold, Yellow

Brigid, Helios, Apollo

Success, promotion, fame, wealth, prosperity


So, for example you want to cast a protection spell? Go through your list to see what day would be better to cast. If you look above, its Saturday. The planet is Saturn, the colour to use with your candle would be black. The Goddess associated would be Hecate. I myself would still work with my Goddess the Morrigan. (if you've already established which deity you are going to work with, you can work with them instead of the one on the list if you would prefer)

See how easy it is? the more you use the corresponding days, lunar phases etc the more you will get used to knowing when and what to cast. 

Every day is a magical day. Just how enchanting of a day it turns out to be is completely up to you.